I have been here on the forum for five years

It is also a great way to maintain my English language.

I rarely speak any English, 16 years ago I spoke with one Canadian Eastern Orthodox monk. That’s about how much I have spoken English in these 16 years.

People here have come and gone, but some are still here such as @pansdisease and a few others.

I like that nowadays there is very little political and religious discussions here on the forum.

I wish all the best.


They say new forum us lot better then old…!!!

My friend @rogueone have been to old forum …

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Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary!
That sure is a long time

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Yes, this better than the old forum, I was there on the old forum too.


I remember one time back in the old forum, the site crashed for like eight months one time…I was devastated…I need this site a lot !!

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Do u guys have any ideas when new forum started…!!!

I think it was Nov or Dec 2013, I was here on the old forum in the summer of 2013.


Hi @far_cry0 good evening. I was traveled 100 km from my town to check a site and returned.


I have seen some comedy on television…!!! 100km train se gaya kya… kitna deer laga pauchneme… take care and good night…

I ll be here till 2 hour.
Then i will sleep…

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No yaar far cry. I traveled by govt vehicle. To check particularly a technical problem in new govt building on the supervision of other engineer.


I’ve been on here for 4 years. Been such a blessing!


Well done @far_cry0 . It’s people like you that contribute to a positive and supportive environment and you should be congratulated for your efforts!

It’s come a long ways and is a lot different from the old forums. Those were interesting times!


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