In this summer I have been eight years on the forum

I came first to the old forum and then moved to this new forum. Eight years is a long time. How long have you been on the forum?


i think i been on the forum since last year december or november. Not that long yet but i really like it here.

That is a long time. I’m coming up on my one year anniversary early next month.


ah i just looked it up… since november last year i been on the forum.


4 years. I can’t believe how much I’ve changed.


About three years. I could be wrong

according to your account you been here for 7 years @roxanna

3.5 years approximately

I started on the old forums in 2009.

I had the email from joining this new version back the week it went online. I deleted it of course to make room but I had a few years off whilst I was being a dick. Still . Joined old website back in 1999. This website when it launched and came back seriously probably last 5 years or so!

Coming up on three years in a couple months. Joined just as I was getting my insight back.

Since it was a chat room in 2006

I think a little over five years for me. I’m finally feeling stable these days. Thank God!

2 years for me though not consistently

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A little over 7 years. I joined this forum in January 2014. Wow I can’t believe how time flies.

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I’ve been here less than a year, July 10 will be a year

I joined in 2017.

8 years is a long time.

Me, it’s been 3 years.

Sort of feels like it too, time is just dragging

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