I have been bullied because i have schizophrenia. What should i do

I was stalked online and bullied due to my mental health. I feel so traumatized that i have concidered taking my life. I was bullied at work and in my town and people were laughing at me. I know who the perpetrators are and im considering reporting them for a hate crime.


I am sorry to know about this, How long this is being going on ?

It went on for a while its stopped now but i feel so traumatized that i dont want to go outside because of it they have caused me health problems and severe anxiety. Someone was jealous of me and she went out of her way to abuse me on the regular.

Are you sure that all this real i mean not paranoia or delusion.because i also have constant delusion that people are not like me or i m not a good stable worker.i want to work with cbt books for overcome this delusions because according to lot of research cbt really effective against delusions


you sound paranoid and delusional…I would tell your pdoc what you are experiencing and see if he can up your meds or change them so you don’t have to be paranoid…sorry man…that’s really sad you think like that…no one is laughing at you. you are ill.

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I’ve yet to see a person jealous of my having sz… :thinking:

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I had a stalking incident happen in this community. A person tried to use my participation here and illness to discredit me. She lost. Badly. Years later I’m respected in the community and she isn’t. The label doesn’t matter. What matters is how you wear it.


It sounds like a paranoid delusion. But ofcourse there is also the possibility that there is a little truth to it, but then the mind blows it out of proportions. They would have to be extremely sad people to bully someone with a mental illness.


I am sorry to hear you feel this way

I hope it is just paranoia and delusions

i would talk with your treatment team if you have one and see what they think

This is why I don’t reply to every post that calls me delusional. I’m sorry but I’ve had good neighbors and bad neighbors. The good ones let me alone but some of the bad ones chose to harass me and I fed into it and it got bad. But playing a “delusional card” every time some poor schizophrenic gets into a pattern of harassment that he didn’t ask for and doesn’t know how to stop is insulting and dismissive and why I usually ignore and don’t respond to these types of posts. I’m not always right about harassment but I’m no dummy either. This poor poster may or may not have been harassed. Like someone else said, there may be some truth to it.


People never treated me bad for having sz, the opposite, they were more nice and empathetic. The problem is me though, I don’t feel like contacting friends sometimes wanting to stay alone then I block them for no reason. I just unblocked a friend on messenger that I had blocked since Feb. Luckily he was nice and we spoke together.

Also I used to let bad friends take advantage of me because I am weak minded due to sz but since 2019 I left all my bad friends and learned to not let people take advantage of me. Bad friends will treat you bad no matter if you have mental illness or not.

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It’s not always delusional.

A few years ago, right before my major breakdown, I was positive my neighbor was spying on me. Eventually we had social services show up and they had a list of weird complaints.

Seriously, stuff like my kids went begging for food at baseball games from vendors (they never went to the games), that my disabled child was sitting topless in the front yard (she used to sit in an outdoor rocking chair to people watch and was definitely clothed), and that our blinds were always drawn (we have curtains!)

Who needs to see into another’s house? This woman had already bragged about calling the ASPCA on another family, and CPS on another. This happened to us 3 times in a row! 2 month intervals.

So yes, sometimes people do stalk and watch you.

It gets to sound delusional when it’s supposedly all the time and everyone everywhere.


Things get better when you take action. Like fist fighting with a mask or doing pranks against him. Going home safely knowing you done something.

Im not saying TV shows are real but In TV shows they explain how stalkers is a normal thing in the work place. Like “The office”

Bullies suck. Why do humans have to have this urge to do mean things to each other?

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It sounds like you’re in England. You’re probably safer there. I’ve practically been killed because of people against schizophrenia and constantly accused of things they do.

England. It aint a bed of roses over here either mate. And theres part of a reason why so many of us isolate, cos we get pissed off with the abuse


Theres no need for anyone to know you have SZ

I have no ideas why your neighbours need to know?