I have become emotionless

I used to be happy and an outgoing person, people use to love me like truly love me, I was full of life and optimistic. But now its like I don’t feel anything anymore, I don’t go outside much anymore, I don’t hang out with people anymore, I don’t talk much anymore, I don’t find much pleasure anymore, I don’t laugh, cry, play or do much of anything anymore. Its not that I want to be like this but I just don’t do anything anymore. Do you feel like this or have you ever felt like this?

No, not really…but I have had times of depression…still have emotion though…never had “flat affect” like some people get.
Perhaps if you did go out and play, find someone to connect with - can even do that online, that can make you laugh and have fun… anything.
Almost sounds like the isolating caused this?

I think you’re right about the isolation part, but once I started hearing voices it just felt a lot safer inside.

find some small things that make you feel happy, good food, a coffee, a walk in nature, a funny comedy series ( sienfeld ), etc.
this is what i do, it fills my day…
the more you do it, i find it eventually re-trains the brain through repetition.
take care


No I mostly feel depressed. There are brief periods where I feel emotionally drained where I’m too tired to feel depressed. I have times when I laugh yes, watching funny TV shows, reading a funny story or a joke online I laugh then. I laugh when I think of something funny but I don’t think I’m really happy. It’s just a gut reaction to laugh at certain things.

I tend to isolate myself as well but I’ve always been on the quiet side, even as a kid. Yet now I find it’s easier for me to deal with the voices when I’m alone as supposed to trying to deal with them while in a crowded place I do cry when I’m sad sometimes. I cry at emotional movies too. I should go out more and be with people but I also find it safer staying at home. But then after a while I get too depressed that I’m stuck inside the house…but where do I go when everyone I know is at work and I have no money? Then by the afternoon I’m so set in staying inside I don’t want to go out at night. It’s a vicious circle I think.

anyone here has experienced, these are negative symptoms of SZ and with right medication like antipsychotics, huge amount of aminoacids or vitamins can be solved or nearly solved but these need hard-work and continious interaction with your psychiatrist and even changing your psychiatrists to find right meds. my advice is don’t be passive and actively search for knowledge about antipsychotics and … until reaching your goal cause otherwise psychiatrists tends to f***k you over a year with a med which is not the right one for you. Good luck

And the people that really love you—still do

I have. It’s terrible. I’m sorry that this is what you’re going through. :frowning:

If you try to change it, you can. It’s not easy. I still struggle with emotion. Are you on meds?

Do you really need anybody to love you? I suppose one can always love oneself, maybe that is enough.

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You have to love yourself first…but I would feel badly if
no one loved me…