I have an Interview for day hospital

I am pretty nervous. I have to go in three hours. I don’t like being assessed. The amount of times I have had to explain my ‘issues’ to people gets very tiring.

I am going to take some extra diazepam before I go.


How did it go @Joker?

I’ve never been to hospital. What services are you hoping to get ?

Let us know how it went. I hope you get the help you need @Joker

@CoCo @Flutterby it went ok thanks. It was difficult to explain myself but I can now go there whilst I am off work. Not sure what the other people are like though

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It’s groups, drop ins and courses and stuff to help manage better. It’s not a proper hospital it’s like a day thing

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I’ve done partial patient before. I found it helpful.

Glad to hear. I am going to try it and see what it’s like.


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