I am in the A&E

Suicidal ideations, lack of focus, disorientation, stupor.

I guess they’re just gonna say it’s depression and get it over with. I am starting to think that this is more of a neurological thing, not a psychiatric one.

And anyway, you can’t treat Depression when the patient turns manic in the snap of a finger.

Damn this life. Damn it damn it damn it.


I like being manic.

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How is your job going @anon33673328 ?

My sza does this including forgetfulness and a lot more. As far as I know sz/sza are neurologically based. I wish relief for you.

I hope they take care of you @anon33673328 . You sound like you’re in the right place though. Well done on having the insight to get there.


Respect to you for having the sense and guts to ask for help, it’s not easy to do that. I really hope the staff are kind to you and you get the treatment you need. Good luck.


Good on you for getting yourself to ae. I hope u can get some good advice from them

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I am sorry @anon33673328 that I can’t help you… You’ve helped me. You go a make it through


I hope they’re able to help you and you feel better soon.


I hope you get better @anon33673328.

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I left after 5 hours of waiting, when I was sure there was nothing physically wrong with me. They were going to send me over to the psychiatric department, but that would have been another 5 or 6 hours of waiting into the night.

Went home, took a sleeping pill, slept like a baby, woke up and now I am takimg it easy. As they say, que sera, sera.


Sorry, I didn’t see that there, too self-centered when I am depressed I guess.

It’s going well, I am exceeding targets and the like. I love it. It’s probably part of what is wrong, I have all I wished for and I am not used to not having difficulties, so I am freaking out.

I will try going back to work tomorrow, even for a few hours.


I hate being manic. It can get me in trouble.


@anon33673328, What is an A and E?

It’s the British name for emergency room.

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Thank you for answering my question @ninjastar.

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@anon33673328 I hope you feel better soon.

I managed to work today for 4 hours, out of which 2 were productive time and 2 were spent in meetings and trainings. Not bad overall, but I had to leave when I realised I still couldn’t focus on anythong more difficult. I hope to be better by Friday, and not have to call it quits again. Tomorrow I’m not going, so I guess I’ll have time to recover.

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