I have a lot of anger

I never talk about my anger to anyone and I think it’s time I do. I always thought it was a taboo subject so I never expressed my real emotions


Yeah its ok to be angry


I am angry at those who caused my schizophrenia and people who shun me.

I get anger too
Sometimes I get angry at the traffic lights

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I get angry at the TV.

I am constantly angry, due to brain inflammation.

I’m so angry my hair sticks out straight as a stick.:slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks for sharing

what is it toward?

I get angry as hell over my situation.

I try to do physical things that allieve it.

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I get angry at the bad things that happened in my life. I get angry at the people who caused them. I get angry at cultural pressure to be a certain way.

Expressing anger in a healthy way is the goal. I’m still working on it. I tend to bottle it up and then explode.


I used to deal with residual anger by writing keywords about what was causing it on Post-It notes, and then lighting the notes on fire.

There’s something theraputic about watching your worries go up in smoke

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I used to be so angry at my parents that I wanted to kill. Anybody. Especially me. Now they are dead. I have no emotions anymore.


i used to go to Recovery International…its a worldwide organisation…it basically is anger management support group…a group of people turn up to support each other…I thought it was good…google it

I still have alot of anger due to how i was treated when i first tried to get help, 4 hospitals turned me away. Then they put me in a locked ward which only made me worse.
I still hate the fact that it is 3 years later and i am still suffering the consequences of them taking my job and home away from me.

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