I Have a Joke About Procrastination

…but I’ll tell you it later.


I invented a new word: plagiarism.


I want patience and I want it now.


And the winner of the worst joke ever…

Why did the chicken cross the road?
How the ■■■■ would I know


I’ve heard it said in AA that you should never pray for patience, because you will get a chance to use it.

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You will tell us now, or face the almighty wrath of a thousand schizophrenics.

Spot spot dot dot spot copy
by Gabrielle BG

I’m funny because I laugh when you say you’re one on the top
Plagiarism is Graffiti for evil corporations
Movie theaters closed so no more pornography cops
Everyone’s Green like a money-eating-egomaniac machine
I’m happy when there is a voice answering from the walls
But now I am bouncing like a laser through the lunatic hall
I’m a wrecking ball you cannot destroy me
I’m everything you can’t be and can’t un-see
The -truth of all your words rhyming like a perfect sonnet
dont worry this silly poem will be there in the spot
of all the dots the ones you crossed over
the ones that you crossed off like a blot with all of the others
the ones you forgot.

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