I have a goal to play pick up soccer again

I want to play next spring. I have to get in enough shape, then I can play pick up soccer again. It is interesting, the soccer fields are on the land…where a mental hospital use to be. It is a park now. The land is beautiful. The name of the mental hospital was Dorothea Dix. It was the first mental hospital in North Carolina. It open in 1856. Every time a go there, I think man…there is a lot of history to this hospital. I think it has been around for a long time, and a lot of people have gone there.


I’ve played cricket on grounds that were next to the mental hospitals back in the day. I’ve had team mates tell me about playing whilst the patients would watch from behind the fences. There’s still a psychiatric facility on the southside with some adjacent cricket pitches. Never played there but it also has kangaroos.

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Good luck!!! I bet that will be fun

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