I have a busy day today

Just sipping some coffee and trying to wake up. The coffee doesn’t seem to help me though. I think I’ve built up some sort of tolerance for it. But I do love it.

I have a busy day today. They put a notice on my door Friday night that starting Monday morning they are going to be doing inspections again. This is another pre-reac inspection, this time with corporate. Then on the 20th they will finally do the reac inspection. Which is where the Govt comes to make sure they’re doing their maintenance properly. I hope they get good marks on their inspection.

In order to prepare for inspection I have to break down boxes and take them to the dumpster, take out regular trash, do dishes, wipe down counters and clean stove, vacuum, sweep and mop.

I also need to do laundry today.


All the best leafy. It will be busy but totally worth it

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from what I remember, they just check for what you manager

isn’t keeping up, like windows, toilets, safety, and general manintenance.

but yeah, Sunday is a good day to clean.

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I heard if you skip a few days without cofffe your ?adenosine? Receptors go back to normal and you’ll be sensitive to coffee again

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good luck with your busy day @leafy !

i hope you will get through it ok =)

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Well, I got some stuff done. Now I’m taking a break. Waiting for laundry to finish drying. It’s a good thing I started early, it’s already 89 degrees out there. It’s going to be a scorcher today.

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