I have a bizarre religious delusion

I believe we’re in the end times, it has to do with what Jesus called the Harvest, or what others call the timeline shift that separates the world into 3d, tribulation, and 5d, the New Earth

But i have reasons to believe that im somehow the one who does the “splitting” or “separation”…people have said things like “i dont know, i cant tell!”…like im half pure good, half pure bad, and i flip back and forth…the voices sometimes say “hes figuring it out!” or “he knows what he is” like im some kind of special end times person or something, and i cant tell if its good or bad

Has anyone at all experienced anything like this at all?


I never had any religious delusions or hallucinations or experienced anything like that.

But look at this rationally if you can. Lots of people throughout history have predicted that the world is going to come to an end and they have ALL been wrong even thought they were convinced they were right.

Unless there is a nuclear holocaust or climate change becomes extreme the end times on Earth probably won’t occur for 5 billion years when the sun expands into a “Red Giant” and envelops the Earth.

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I have experienced similar delusions as well. I thought I was a special religious person as well. I even thought I was a famous religious person. If I remember right I thought it was the last days as well.

Isn’t “bizarre religious delusion” a tautology?

What’s a normal religious delusion?

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I was sure I was once a prophetess. I was going to be sacrificed for the wrongdoings of everyone in the world past and present. Not because I’m perfect, but because I felt like I would make the perfect scapegoat.

Gradually I realised that everyone has potential to be a prophet. I thought I was a portal to the gates of heaven and hell as well, and that through me the end times would come about. Gradually more people would awaken to my line of thinking.

Eventually, I actually turned away from Christianity. I am now an atheist, and that helps a lot with superstitious thinking. I feel free from those delusions.

You know how it goes. If you speak to God, then that is OK.

But if you claim that God has spoken to you, then you are considered to be delusional.

It’s a “No Win” situation.

Why does mankind in general, insist that truth, concerning God, can only be unidirectional ???

This has puzzled me for many decades.

No one seems to take this unidirectional phenomena seriously. They just shrug their shoulders.

No wonder people flip back and forth.

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I went to a church down the street and sat in worship services. Turns out that this particular church believes in god Jesus and heaven. But they don’t believe in hell.

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sometimes religion gives me delusions.i stay away from it.its too complicated anyway.there a lot of philosophy in it.

I believe that I am the son of Lucifer. But he’s not evil. He showed me what happens in the afterlife. But told me not to tell. He checks on me by sending dragonflies. Shows me I’m on the right path. And because of all this everyone I encounter, wants me secretly.

I think you are expiriencing psychosis.

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I believed that I was directly connected to the Universe and that She loved me, especially. I even had inserted thoughts coming from the Universe. I even had a dream one time where I was lost in the middle east and she spoke to me in my dream. I miss Her talking to me. It’s all part of my brain study delusion that I miss. Even though my delusion is a lot less, I still believe in the Big Bang and I believe everything and everyone is connected. I believe thoughts are physical and that is where savants get their gifts, from thought particles (thoughts=knowledge and skills) in the Universe. It’s very closely related to a religious delusion. I consider myself to be agnostic. BTW: My name is Christ (it’s part of my name), my mom’s name is Mary (virgin) and my dad’s name is Dick (penis). That also played into my delusion for a long time. I believed I was sacrificed ‘like’ Christ in this brain study (I have suffered a lot in my life).
It bends and weaves like a religious delusion but I am agnostic.

I thought that someone was trying to bring about the end of the world, but I decided that I would not play the role assigned to me: The Beast.

Toward the end of that year, the pandemic started.

I think they wanted to blame me for what occurred, although that makes little sense, as I am one person, of little means and socially isolated.

They tried to convince me that I was a reincarnation of Hitler, who is blamed for many things, even now.

There was a Zoroastrian interlude, which I think might have been a brief overlap with another person’s delusion. I also rejected my possible role there. I briefly wanted to be cremated, then, I decided upon being buried.

I think someone wondered if I was the Dajjal, but I figured that it had been Khomeini.

Religious delusions in bipolar are psychosis.
Clomipramine activates them.

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Could God be a woman? Or maybe an alien?

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To me, God is She and She is The Universe and all the thoughts and energy contained in it. She has spoken to me on several occasions. Either that, or I am delusional :slight_smile:

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