I hate driving I dissociate and get anxious

Is it the sz? Should I be driving when I have this difficulty? I feel sometimes like a robot is driving for me and I float above me and lose sharpness of awareness until hubby has to shout at me to make me listen. I get so anxious behind the wheel. Get headaches if I have to drive a lot.

I can’t even get my licence. I took driving test 6 times and failed so far. I just hate driving but hubby has epilepsy and it’s risky for him. Each time he needs to go somewhere I have to take him or his dad has to. It’s so hard and with my sz it’s probably risky for me too. Is it? What do you think?

It doesn’t sound like it’s very safe for you to be driving. Especially if you don’t even have your license.

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You shouldn’t put at risk your life. Driving is something serious.

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What can I do? My husband needs me to drive. I have a learner permit wrote test five times. Been driving for five years but it’s not much easier than before. In some ways it’s harder.

Yes, it’s all about control and focus. I dislike driving to a point. For the reasons you point out. But…it’s something that is very necessary for me. So when I get into a car, I have to make a very very very conscious decision decision, that what I’m doing is a potentially dangerous activity, so I remind myself to be aware. And that means doing the fundamentals well, sticking to the speed limit, observing the rules of the road etc, etc…

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