I had to turn my heat on today

Fall is on its way 151515


I’m ready for fall/winter.


People I see have said it’s still quite warm. I’ve not noticed though. Perhaps I pick up on the drop from heatwave temperatures to normal summer temperatures and it has me thinking it’s rather cool.

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It’s been kinda chilly where I’m at too.

I left my A/C on over night, kinda regretted that. Ha!



I love Fall and Spring. Summer and Winter aren’t my favorites.


Is it cool where you are? It’s still morning here so it’s cool

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It’s pretty cool where I’m at. My apartment gets really hot for no reason though.

It’s mild here right now, my partner turned the air on last night. I can’t wait for fall when we can put the ac up and I can use my washer and dryer again

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It’s nice and warm out now @ 1324 military time. Just had the best noodleless lasagna ever at my dad’s house after we got done working on the pig pen

We’ve got the cutest pigs. One I name Lilly and the other I named Rose. Rose is bigger than Lilly. I’d post a pic but my pics won’t upload from my phone

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