So hot right now

Anyone else feel like they’re cooking? I got the Ac on too


Yes it’s very humid here. I am in bed now but I have the window wide open. I’m looking forward to autum

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If this summer is this hot, I’m definetly looking forward for the winter :cold_face:

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Yeah it’s hot and I love it :hot_face:

I just cut the grass. Contemplating going for a dip in the pool.

It’s hot and humid.

It is so hot and humid here we are all on a heat advisory. We had to go to the mall and my car a/c isn’t working. A ten minute drive felt like an eternity. Ordering in pizza for supper. No heating up the house. It’s cool in here now.

Ac too. I’m going in the pool later. Don’t want to get burned.

Does everyone have pools? I wish

We’re wimps about hot weather in Alaska. A couple of weeks ago it reached 80 F for a few days and we all thought we were dying! Now it’s been averaging about 66 F thru most of the day and getting down to 48 at night. I love it! Of course wait a few months and y’all will hear me complaining about how cold it is!

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