I had the most interesting thought just now

What do you prefer to be called if you are big?


Overweight implies you are too heavy, but being overweight only increases your risk of premature later disease it doesn’t mean it definitely does that. So it just seems quite a pessimistic word to use.

Fat that word just seems to sound like it has negative connotations.

Maybe I prefer to use the word big.


i prefer to be called fluffy


Me n my colleague were talking bout our weight today and I called her overweight and she wasn’t happy. That’s the thing. She has a good point to feel like that. If she’s not capable to loose weight or doesn’t want to, why should I say yea u are too heavy, wen really it may not be a problem in the future 4 her in terms of health condition

Although her risk of health condition apparently goes up. If she is unable to loose weight, why rub it in her face with that word, if she knows the health risk already.

Hahaha. That’s cute.

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Yea. I’m just a fluffy lady. Lol

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I do seriously believe it’s great 4 Every1 2 be aware of the apparent health risks though of being overweight.

I mean, big.

I’m trying to be more empathetic, considerate.

It’s sometimes hard work.


BMI is good. I’ve just gone from overweight to obese on bmi over winter simply because I’ve been hibernating. If your overweight or obese it’s a problem. If your normal then it’s no drama. I am tall. I’m 6’2" so I can take a bit of weight and wear it.

I think your bmi is a pretty good indicator but from your pics I wouldn’t say your overweight.


I’m about 72kg I need to be between 51kg and 68kg according to the medical clinical professional.

I want to be 51kg

Potentially a bit more depending on comfort level.

I think anything like fat, big etc are just rude…noone should ever discuss someone else’s weight outside a medical conversation I think. I always hate when I hear women say…“well you know I’m sort of a big girl”…or “I’m fat”. Like…who brain washed you to think that? Embrace yourself and be proud of who you are. Your not some category of person.

I think some women do it to sort of beat jerks to the joke, and sort of joke about themselves before anyone else does…but don’t… Your a queen. Don’t disgrace yourself by catering to insecure people who categorize women by their weight. It’s not a joke. It’s not funny. It’s denigrating and devaluing yourself to comfort people who are in the wrong.

Your not a “big gal” or whatever the hell. You’re the same as anyone else. This culture of laughing at overweight people needs to change. It overwhelms and destroys so many people’s self esteem.


It’s really not your place to call out others on their issues. Your time would be better spent working on your own issues since that’s what you have control over.


I’m only 15 pounds overweight, but I’d take offense to both terms. I guess overweight would be slightly less offensive.

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When I was 100 pounds overweight I called myself a “big girl”. It was a fact, so it didn’t bother me.

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I hate that very often when I’m out exercising, like biking or walking, total strangers will yell out rude comments about my weight, like “fat ass” or “Moby Dick”…you know? It makes it difficult to DO something about being overweight or overfat cuz these people make me so self conscious. I like where I go now to swim, cuz everybody there is encouraging.


BMI isn’t totally accurate. It doesen’t take into account body width. Some people have broad shoulders, broad hips and/or is big boned meaning they have bigger bodies than average. They are supposed to be “overweight”.


Geez that’s terrible @WhiteRaven I can’t believe that people would be so rude and inappropriate. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of asshats, it seems. :angry:


Fuuck those people. Seriously.

Many people are so quick to judge what or who they don’t understand.

Even sadder still, are those that have actually been in the same situation at one point in time in their lives, and yet never learned how to empathize or show compassion towards folks who are still in the same predicament while working towards improving themselves.

It’s called cognitive dissonance, and it’s a real biitch.

Keep doing you, and don’t let anybody bring you down.



Rotund. Massive. Engorged.


This entire thread is fatphobic and I for one am tired of the farphobic posts from @LittleMissSlothy .

Do some research on the topic and knock it off. We have people that have actual weight struggles here who are sick of seeing this.