I had my 3rd corona vaccine today

I am also getting a paper corona passport.


I got mine a week ago. Was very ill for 2 days. Hope it was the last shot I need.

I have not had any major side-effects from my earlier corona vaccines. Just my shoulder hurting a little.

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i didn’t feel anything of any of my corona shots and i had 3

Do you think that they’ll give the 4th corona shot?

i am suspecting they will… we will have to find out =/

@lekkerhondje @Jonathan2 Do you have the corona pass on your smart phone? I’ll get a paper pass because I have no smart phone.


I got my first Pfizer yesterday

I had a slight headache

And my arm area is still sore


same here. i don’t have internet on my phone so i get it on paper. My dad could download it from a site for health here in belgium.

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oh well done @LittleMissSlothy
you got it after all, that’s great =)

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I have the corona pass on my iPhone. I have to use it to go to a restaurant or Starbucks.


I don’t know for how long this makes life events possible. Some events are still canceled.

how long before the people who get the 4th vaccine,

start blaming those who only got the 3rd for the reason why the pandemic isn’t ending?

There are still many people who have no vaccine.


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I need to book my 3rd shot. I just took so far, took 2nd dose in September 2021.

3rd Pfizer tomorrow for me

it was a failed mission from the beginning, Sheri.

I did not understand, what was a failed mission?

Thank you Lekkerhondje

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