I just got my second Corona vaccination shot

I think that means that I am 96% immune to the disease.


I think you have to wait a while after the second dose. Like a month.


nice im getting mine on the 10th


Okay. I hope I don’t get it, but I think I already might have. I went on a ride to the clinic with this woman driving the van. A couple of weeks later she tested positive for Corona. My test at the clinic was negative, but I don’t think they got an adequate sample. The woman rubbed the q tip around the lower part of my nasal cavity, where nothing at all could get on it. I habitually self segregate at the assisted living center where I live, so it could be just that no one else caught it from me.

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I might have to wait till July. I wish I could get it sooner.

That’s great news @crimby

Which one did you have? Any side effects?

I had the Pfizer 1st dose about a week ago.

Have to wait another 11 weeks for my second.

All I had for the first was a dead arm, but I took some paracetamol and it went away

Isn’t the 2nd pfizer vaccine dose given 3 weeks after the 1st dose?

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That was what the info doc I was handed said.

The UK medical community decided here that it was better to give more people the first dose as quickly as possible to give some protection, and roll out second dose within 12 weeks,

I think there was controversy at first, but I think I heard the WHO later said it was ok to do this.

Oh, I see. Just make sure you remember to go to your second appointment.

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I think it should be ok. My doctors surgery has been converted into a vaccination centre, and they sent me some reminder text messages - so hopefully will hear from them when it’s due!

What’s going on with vaccines where you are @Moonbeam ? Are you higher up the list because of Sz?

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I’ll eventually get the vaccine whenever it’s my turn here in California. Incidentally, I don’t have Sz.

I wish that the U.S. was more proactive like the UK has been in making sure that folks with Sz are being prioritized for the vaccine.

Well I hope it comes around soon. Without getting too political about it, I think your country is in better hands now to get it done.

I think what they have done is incredible. It’s something I am grateful for, as our figures for deaths etc are pretty bad for our population

Sorry didn’t realise!

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I didn’t ask, but it feels good to know I am almost totally immune to Covid.

I don’t know. I didn’t ask.

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