I guess I just thought it was kind of funny or cool

The soldiers on the army reserve base I work at have a chalkboard hanging from the wall in our break room.
Lately people have been writing messages on it for everybody else to look at and read.

There were some good ones but I can’t remember any except this one,

“Born to lose;
Live to win”.

Kind of neat ain’t it? My new boss warned me when he took over: “These soldiers are a breed apart”.
Yeah, I respect and support the soldiers in this war, even though I don’t support the war.

But for some of these soldiers, I think that they feel since everybody likes them that it gives them a license to steal. I think it goes to their head for some of them and they get aroggant

There are many good, brave men in the service who accomplish things that I can’t do or I wouldn’t even dream of doing. They are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, and that deserve respect. But they are just human, and a minority of them I am sorry to say are jerks. I might even venture to say that some of them are bullies.

I get sick of it and pissed off and lately I have been giving back to some of them what they do to me and it feels good. It feels good to fight back. They are there to do a job but so am I and the decent thing to do is not to abuse your popularity to treat people bad when you feel like it. So sometimes I win, often I lose. This is my rant.

On the brighter side of life, today was my day off and I lazed around and went to the Walgreens near my house and bought a new alarm clock and I went and got a coke from the Drive-thru. They know me there by now and the girls smile at me and one guy who works there liked to kid me good-naturedly. Not a bad day on the farm today, no drama and people left me alone.

Dinner was good, now it’s evening in the Lone Star State and the coyotes are howling and the endless cactus are casting long shadows. Wait a minute. Wait. What’s that you say Joe? Oh sorry, my roommate just reminded me that I live in California and not Texas. My mistake.