I gotta say why I’m weird w meds

@everhopeful just mentioned in another thread abilify kicks in very slowly.

For me though. If I miss one dose I don’t feel myself RIGHT AWAY. On the contrary, if i take it i FEEL it working right away

I consider it a blessing myself.

I cannot neglect my meds.

But like I said it’s a good thing that forces me to be on top of my meds. Is anyone else the same or can relate.

Kicks in quick but kicks out just as quickly.

I must be an alien :alien:

Everhopeful do you have an explanation or no???


Yea if I take my meds hrs late, I dont feel normal, I dont feel like myself.

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I’m the same with my nighttime meds, but not daytime meds

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Does it kick in just as quick for you too though???

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Yea it does but much slower when I didnt take meds for 2yrs and started meds again.

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Hmmm that makes sense

I feel like I feel something right away when I take my meds

Maybe it’s just a bit of placebo though.

But I thought I had proof that it wasn’t placebo. But I forget my proof. I’ll get back to ya if I remember lol. Fake news probably :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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My experience has been the typicals do something within a few hours, Haldol especially. Risperdal and Zyprexa are usually immediate too. All the rest have either taken weeks, or have not worked at all. Most recent experiment my pdoc did was put me on Caplyta. I was his guinea pig - he hadn’t used it prior. It did zilch.

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If you stop your meds for a long time and get back on meds, they will take longer to work as the brain is used to high dopamine without meds I think.

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Abilify took two weeks to fully work when I was put on it after stopping meds for 2yrs.


Last time I stopped my meds for more than 12 hours too late (which was an accident btw) was 30 days no abilify in 2018. Well on day 31 I became really incredibly uncomfortable. But then I eased back onto the meds. I started off on 5 mg which works better than placebo for a little bit. Then I did ten. Then 15 because I was still psychotic on ten. Then I went back down to 10. Which I worked on at a stressful job for 9 months until I fell apart.

Now I need 20 mg abilify and prn Thorazine

I think I always did though. Nothing changes except sometimes I break through with symptoms on 20 mg and need the Thorazine. But typically 20 is the perfect :+1: dose for me

There was a time, before I took naltrexone. I took 25 mg abilify and it wasn’t enough

However naltrexone allowed me to get by on less. However I always tried to live on the edge and take the least amount of meds needed. Wasn’t what I needed though. I needed though. But lack of insight and trying to get by on less drove me crazy.

I just wanna feel relaxed upstairs now.

Lol I had coffee at 8 pm tonight hence my ranting posts.

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When I was on 10mg abilify, i would get a huge headache if I missed a dose. I’ve missed one dose of my abilify 15mg (that I can remember) and didn’t get that headache, but remember feeling that I’d missed it.

In theory because abilify has such a long half life you shouldn’t feel it if you miss just one dose. But you do.

I don’t have an explanation !

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Maybe it’s like all this playing with dangerous dosages and whatnot else has caused me to be sensitive

My doc would say 10 mg is enough when it wasn’t. We both agreed at the time under or minimum medication was good. Maybe my brain is out of whack and sensitive now because it wasn’t always.

I had a conspiracy my old doc wanted to sabotage my life. I can give examples but I won’t.

I’m happy my new aprn, she has to reach for her phone a lot. But she seems to make good decisions

I’m at fault too. But my old pdoc, it was a strange relationship

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I was on 10mg Abilify before I stopped meds. I was put on 20mg after going back on meds. But I have a feeling that I wasnt stable on both doses as I was too irritable. No positive symptoms or irritability now on 6mg Risperdal.

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I started off on abilify injection in 2014.

I ■■■■■■ up my brain so bad trying to get high on the worst substances you can mix with an antipsychotic (for mental purposes)

For years I couldn’t even dream about stopping my meds. Then I could. But now I have this strange phenomenon where it kicks in quick. Kicks out just as quick. Tbh I don’t think it’s always been that way.

But I feel better now. But I’m more reliant on meds.

I hope I don’t have to raise abilify again ever although there’s still ten more mg to play with?? Getting high or playing with my meds would probably make me increase dose again. It’s not a sure thing though. Sometimes it doesn’t work out badly. A lower dose. But it only ever lasts for so long. Then I’m back on higher doses

Like Terence McKenna said. There are old shamans and there are bold shamans. But there are no old bold shamans.

My nature as a troublemaker makes me vulnerable to danger :warning:. Though I’m getting better.

I don’t think I’ll be an old shaman (I’m not a shaman though just saying)

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This is how I am too but meds never last either. Give out after a couple months so what’s the point

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What do you mean they don’t last??? They stop working??? I’m a troublemaker which causes me careless decisions which lead to them not working

I’m glad they work though as well as they do for me. Maybe our situations are different

If you Mix my brain chemistry, with a more responsible person, and maybe we’d be going places in life :laughing:

But it’s not the case. We all have our follys I guess or Sz wouldn’t be as bad.

I think you should consider trying meds again but we all have our journeys

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I take the injections they don’t last. I take the pills and they give out after a couple months then I up and up them nothing then switch and start over.

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For some people meds work fast. I’m one of those.


Damn and clozapine is effective but what a ■■■■■ it is. I think zyprexa isn’t as bad but close in effectiveness. I’m not sure if you’ve tried these. These are the two strongest ones I’ve tried that I’ve heard are great for people who are somewhat med resistant.

If you consider going back on meds someday

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I might be med resistant, but idk. I currently drink 10 low sugar/carb monsters a day because otherwise I feel restless, bored, and tired. I think it’s causing a worsening of a thought disorder and disorganized thoughts. They used to make me productive, but it’s a false sense of hope that I will focus better, get more motivation, and achieve more and crap. It’s probably the opposite. I still enjoy cigs and benefit from them. When I don’t drink caffeine, I feel extremely flat mentally, emotionally, and personality wise like I’m dead (not literally) or just lack emotions, but I don’t. I don’t know. I don’t feel normal without them, but I probably wouldn’t be as sick if I quit them.

I can’t try clozaril because of my NMS and ICU experience, but maybe some day if I need to try it.

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