I got such a good Sim deal


£15 for 200gb. I say if you buying a contract always try and get price lowered. Say another company is offering this to you. They don’t want to lose customers.


What I know about these things could fit on a postage stamp,but it sounds really good to me. I’m actually quite technophobic about smartphones .


200gb are you sure you don’t mean 20? I only have 10 and I pay 95 a month for it. Who is your carrier?


It was £20 for 200gb. I got it knocked down to £15 saying I can get better elsewhere … No phone included though


Virgin Mobile uk


Well that’s really good. Europe doesn’t overcharge like Canada then.


That’s what @patrickt or was it @MrSquirrel? One of them said Canada is expensive!!!


That’s an understatement. Really hoping the NAFTA negotiations end the CDN telecom monopoly and lower our prices on both mobile data and milk. Market protectionism sucks for consumers.


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