I got my order from BrainVitaminz

It arrived to my house within ten days. I am very happy. But when i open it yesterday, it came out with an unpleasant smell. Like the smell of the chinese tea. It’s hard to describe. I wonder is this normal? Also, the taste is not very sweet compare to the Sarcosine that i ordered from powdercity.com. Should i tell BrainVitaminz about this? What do you think?

Does the sarcosine help, was thinking of getting some to try

I also ordered the 180 gram sarcosine from them, it arrived a few days ago but I haven’t opened it yet. I’m not really sure what to expect as far as noticing differences, what differences, or how long it takes, or anything really. I also ordered folic acid because I read that the body needs folic acid to properly process sacrosine, and my diet is really crappy. So I figured I would take them together.

I dont know. I had only tried Sarcosine from BrainVitaminz for few days only. The one i got from powdercity.com does help me. But they change the shipping cost to $21 for 250g for international order which is a bit pricey for me, So i order from BrainVitaminz. I feel a bit disappointed now…

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How does it help?

It helps with my cognitive issues. I can think more clearly now.


Thanx will have 2 give it a try, have been out of med 4 awhile and getting desperate

Could it possibly that it was expired?