Sarcosine question

I was wondering where you could buy the sarcosine vitamine

Honestly I would order but apparently they don’t deliver to my location. I also prefer the pill form

Aw man I was hoping they sold it at stores :confused:

I think Amazon has it too =) my pharmacist didn’t even know what it was.

I asked nurse would it be safe to get it
They said no

Amazon souds good. Why did the nurse say it was unsafe?

No she said l-theanine
They advised it risky and might interfere with meds

Oh okay. I just have troubles with my thinking and memory so I thought it would be good. I take fish oil though too i dont know if that helps it

@SzAdmin Sarcosine does not deliver to my location? I wanted to order it today. Funny because they delivered only 10 minutes away last year =(

I told my pdoc I was taking it, and he didn’t bat an eye.

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yeah my doc didn’t even know what it was and he said give it a try

I was on it for a while, but I got off because I didn’t notice much effect from it. I couldn’t justify the expense. I’m on a tight budget. I’m starting to think I didn’t give it enough of a chance.

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yeah me too - so I wanna try it again. especially because I have a lot of cognitive deficiency

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What do you mean they don’t deliver. I know that delivers pretty much everywhere in the world because they advertise on the site, and I think most of the other companies do too.

Try to order it and I’m sure you’ll see it works fine from most companies, unless they specifically forbid it.

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Why’d you people all let you get ripped off so easily. Just go to, look for N-methyl-glycine, the factories that are reliable all have a medal emoji next to their company name, pick one, order a KG for 80 dollars or something and you have Sarcosine for 2 years and to be sure it’s the real stuff it comes with a purity certificate. (I say 2 years because then it expires, 1KG probably lasts for 4 years). The Sarcosine we’re all taking comes from China anyways, so why spend so much money only because something has been a branded as the real ■■■■ to take?

just when I put my postal code - they say they don’t deliver this location. I can order from somewhere else too - just wants to support the site?

Try again - I’ve emailed them and they say they have no problem shipping anywhere except the Ukraine. If you’re not there - you should be fine. Something may be wrong with your web browser.

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They ship anywhere in North america I’m pretty sure.

It will be a cold day in hell before I buy supps from Alibaba. Hell, the USB cables I buy from there are all junk and have to be thrown out. I have enough problems without dying from poisoning.

I’ve been using the BrainVitaminz product for a long time, it has always worked as promised, and I’m sticking with that.

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When it comes to unregulated vitamins, you get what you pay for. I would rather pay slightly more and make sure the stuff I’m getting is authentic. I don’t trust “purity certificates.”

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