I got my guitar

I got my guitar and it sounds awesome so i worte a song and then tried hooking it up to record on ableton Live, it was a struggle and when i started my power blinked off but i somehow got it all up to scratch (dont ask me how)

But i had a clip on lapel mic that i attached to the guitar and a dynamic mic for voice, the sound quality was very good and i never heard myself sound so good lol, i need lots of practice though,

I have my radio show to work on tonight but i’m not really in the mood but i have to.


What kind of guitar did you get?

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Take a picture of the guitar. What’s its name?

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Do you play blues guitar on tombstones at midnight?

i Just got a beginner guitar with a fat neck and nylon strings, idk how to play any songs on it but i wrote some lyrics and tried to play something as i know some chords


Show us the guitar

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Oh? Are you just beginning to learn guitar? My dad has been playing guitar for years since before I was even born. He says that if you want to learn to play guitar it’s wise to get a high quality guitar even in the beginning. He says people make the mistake of getting cheap guitars to learn


I had a shot of it, its easy to tune and sounds pretty good, i can upgrade to a better guitar later, its only costs £6 a month and i might get free lessons.

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I started playing when I was about 17. I would practice about 30 minutes each day. Then at some point I would take a break for a few weeks and come back to it. And somehow the practice had sunk in those weeks I didn’t play, and I instantly played better after the break.


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