I Got Conned

I took my mum to see a gig tonight and I found out I was overcharged for the tickets :frowning: I used a third party ticket seller and had to pay over the odds.

My mum loved the concert but I didn’t think it was worth all that money, it was a nice birthday present for her anyway :slight_smile:


That was nice of you to take her out.
Sux about over paying.


Money is only money unless you are homeless. It was a beautiful gift.


Well as long as you made her happy its worth the price.


My husband recently got scammed. He had to change his phone number and get a new debit card. He also had to lock his credit so no one can use his info and credit for more scams or identity theft.


Concerts are very expense, but it can be a lasting memory. Did you enjoy yourself? Who was the performer?


Taking out your mother as a present is priceless.


That was your first clue you were getting hosed. Hoping you didn’t give them credit info as well.

You just stuck it to a lot of families who are struggling to keep their kids fed with the current rising prices.


I should have been more savvy but I couldn’t get the seats I needed anywhere else, my mum is hearing and sight impaired so I tried to get the best seats, I would have liked to be closer to the front now in hindsight but never mind.

I chatted a bit to the guy sat next to me and I have a feeling he may have been the seller through the third party from what he said to me,

Tour right, of course, @velociraptor I was making a very general statement.

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