I got a pair of froggers

They are babies, got them yesterday

Recorded one eating shrimp food


Looks like African clawed frogs or African dwarf I’m not too familiar with fully aquatic frogs. I use to have a American northern leopard frog his name was Kermit. My brother hurt him real bad. Then now I have a Pac man frog named Jasper. I love frogs they are awesome!


Haven’t seen a Jasper or Kaisei pic in a while.


Very cool. Thanks for sharing. :blush:

Kaiser is good but I haven’t gotten a good pic of him lately. He’s being grumpy because he’s shedding.

Jasper is also doing well did get a pic of her after her Thursday meal.



Yes one albino clawed and the one seen on vid is black spotted. Frogs are awesome. Might get a buggets frog next or more clawed frogs. Gonna stick with these guys for a while tho for now

I usually just lurk around here, but these guys are so freaking CUTE!!

My in-laws an an African dwarf frog and it jumped out of the tank. My research said to not feed just pellets. The in-laws didn’t listen.

Anyway good luck with your little friends

How many inches did you leave from the top of the tank and the water level before one jumped out?(your inlaws)

I know it wasn’t far from the top they kept a betta with it in a ten gallon tank. I don’t recommend keeping different species like that in an enclosure. The Betta ate all the food and the frog hid most of the time. My in laws don’t listen to me when it comes to what they think they know.

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