Flat bike tire

Biking in the dark is stupid in the first place, but I found a new reason to tack on to the list of why that is.

You can’t see the potholes.

Blew out the back tire on my bike… that’s how I was going to get around the week.

Can only be pissed at myself on this one.

is there a way you can fix it quickly? I’ve never had a bike.

last time i was on a bike i breaked too hard going down the steepest hill in town and went flying over the handle bars. time must’ve paused for 5 seconds while I was in the air. I only had to get like 30 stitches :frowning:

Never again do I wanna ride a bike.

@turningthepage That sounds like a good time. Sorry you had an experience like that.

I was having a blast until I hit that pot hole. Almost had that distance running feeling going.

@waterway It’s a tubeless tire otherwise I’d know what to do.

I can either try and take the wheel off(complicated for back tires) and take it in.

Eh… I have no idea. I can’t do anything about it for now.

It’s going to be a fun week.

I know a place in Lisbon that would fix that for free. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guess I’ll start walking :smile:

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Boo! This is a bad story! Tell a better one! :frowning:

Seriously, sorry to hear it. Hope you can get it fixed soon.

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Hmmmmm story time.

So I used to drink a lot. All of my friends did. Not quality alcohol either, were talking bottom shelf vodka. We’d drink as much as we could stomach, typically killing a handle easily between what would be between 3 to 5 of us.

Not to brag, I don’t think that is something one can brag about, but would explain why I was living a life similar to that of someone who had chronic dysentery.

So it’s a friday… Friends have gathered. There is a house party someone heard of so we eventually set out. The place was a crowded mess. It might have been the sub 100 IQ club, and they had been hitting the booze. Oddly, this is Kansas, there were a few estranged acquaintances from earlier on in my life. People from different towns. People who I had forgotten about and didn’t care to reconnect with. Kind of powder keg of tension. Could tell they had mutual sentiments.

The night is rolling along. I’m trying to act casual and keep up. All the while I great exodus is trying to escape from my back end. Wanted to go, but there was a line and it would have taken some time. Wanted to leave, but I didn’t drive.

So it turns out the owner of the place is a real douche. My friends and I had had circled up in the kitchen with a few randos and were doing shots. I don’t recall shots of what, but uhh my girlfriend at the time couldn’t stomach it. She ended up throwing up. Party foul I know, but the reaction of the homeowner and the hive mentality of the sub-100s sent the night spiraling.

“Gross bitch” He yelled. Three more times he yelled it. It became a chant. My socially insecure girlfriend wound up having a whole house yelling “Gross bitch” at her for a good minute or two. Poor thing. Wasn’t much I could do. I took her into the hallway. Our friends took to cleaning up the mess.

She was still drunk and infuriated by the ordeal. I was trying to calm her down, which might have worked if I had a few more minutes. The hallway lead between the kitchen and the garage. The garage was also populated by some party folk.

Now maybe 5 to 15 minutes passed. That short term memory of a drunk crowd had lost it’s concern with the situation. The old girlfriend had not. She’d probably be thinking about it for days, just who she was. Anyways the homeowner starts walking through the hallway. I get a bit nervous, but don’t think to much of it. He’s just going to walk through and that’ll be that.

My gf was facing the other direction. Hah. As soon as he enters her field of view. I see her fist come out of nowhere slide past me and make solid contact with this dudes face. If that wasn’t enough to distract me from holding in my contents, what happened next sealed the deal.

This dude turns and looks at us. He hesitates and then swings right at my face. It didn’t cause any pain, but there it was. I ■■■■ my pants.

What a ■■■■■■■ mess that night was. Didn’t stop there though. The homeowners gf, who happened to be one of those old hometown acquaintances, immediately started a real fight with my gf. She fled outside. I followed. The fight was broken up quickly, but luckily for me, my crowd got kicked out.

I made sure to get a window seat and kept a cig going on the whole ride. No one ever knew.


Ouch!!! What a terrible story!!! Lol. I was waiting for the good ending but never came

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Yeah it’s a tragedy.

At least I can laugh at it.

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Feel awful for the girl

And you too lol

I guess I could add…

Upon arriving home I showered and then her and I ■■■■■■.

But I don’t think that’s how it went. There was no happy ending that night.

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Not sure this counts as a good story in the sense I was demanding, but it’s a fantastic story in how it’s told. Gonna remember to ask you to do this more often.

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I’ll have to dig in to the archives.

The first that comes to mind was eating a whole quarter of weed.

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LOL my friend ate a gram of weed the other day…i have the video still.

I have some stories but they all have a theme…me running from, talking my way out of, or getting arrested by the police. man i had so many run-ins with the cops when i was smoking weed. i still fear police as a result, its not good…even though its decriminalized here and i dont smoke anymore. we were reckless as teenagers

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I’ve only got one of those stories. It’s not to interesting.

i was never a great talker, but whenever I got pulled over I would be able to talk myself out of the situation. it’s like my survival instincts kicked in and the adrenaline going through my body would guide me through those situations. even if i was stoned out my mind it wouldn’t matter. except 1 time i was psychotic…got arrested. 1 time i was drunk…got arrested. 1 time i was just an idiot…got arrested. but i must have talked myself out of getting arrested 5-10 times by police. man i was stupid.

but the thing is, i got pulled over 2 months ago for NO reason and I immediately had a panic attack. i didnt break any laws but i could barely speak. if i had a pound of heroin on me id probably be able to talk myself out of it.

weird how that works.


Yeah it’s odd.

I got lucky. The dude liked my sister. I super ■■■■■■ up. Possession and DUI. I couldn’t even say breathalyzer. Was trying to skip the field test.

Anyways I started crying lol, the cop dropped the DUI.

Other than that I’ve always been in right.

Oh there was one night, but luckily I had made the decision to just ditch the weed. We were stoned though that much was obvious. Cops knew it but had to let us go.

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Yeah I knew the laws pretty well back in my times. One time my friends car lit on fire while we were driving…we grabbed the weed and ran and hid it behind some tree. We were stoned. Then the cop shows up and the cop wanted my friend to call his parents about it but he refused because we were stoned. I told the cop that his parents were alcoholics and were probably drunk and thats why he didnt wanna call. Another time I ran from the cops and then the kid who didn’t run snitched on me and they showed up at my house and I said “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, I WASNT THERE”…and there was nothing they could do. I was always quick with the excuses.

Another time we got pulled over and the cop said “You’ve been arrested for this before right?” And I said “Arrested for what?” We had just ripped a bunch of bong bowls and had a bong and 5 dubs and 2 dimes of weed used for selling in our car. I played it cool and my friend started freaking out and he asked me “What’s up with your friend, why’s he arguing so much?” And I said “Awwww, its in his nature, he argues about everything”. They could have seriously ■■■■■■ us but I think he respected that I was able to keep my cool together. Some cops are chiller than others.

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