I found xyrem in my pharm textbook

I’m concerned…first of all I came across it when studying the drugs of abuse chapter…I knew in the past it was abused as a date rape drug but I mean so have a lot of sleep meds so I was like whatever. But the textbook says it was known as “liquid ecstasy.” Am I taking ecstasy?! I mean that would explain a LOT but makes me very anxious at the same time. I asked the people w the program repeatedly if there was dependence potential and they said if I take it as prescribed no but I’m still worried. I wasn’t ever told about this.

They told me there’s a patient program for it where I can talk to people who have gone through starting the med and everything though so that’s cool and I may check it out instead of frantically googling things out of stress all the time.

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I knew friends who used to use ghb. Aka xyrem


Here is someone’s experience.
But it is just one person’s experience so don’t take it for absolute truth

Thanks that actually resonates a lot with my experience, though I am not abusing it or anything and am just taking it as prescribed. But like the it only keeps me asleep for 2 hours thing is true and I KNEW I was experiencing some sort of crash. Basically after the dose wears off in the morning I do get shaky hands, I see flashing lights, muscle twitches. Sometimes I get terrible anxiety. Also I basically have no appetite on it. At all. Sometimes when I’ve taken a dose I end up eating a ton in my loopy state but after it wears off I can barely eat at all just no appetite. I didn’t eat anything all today until my family went out to dinner. I gained 5 lbs in the first week on the small dose and then lost 5 lbs the next when they raised my dose and the appetite troubles started.

I told the xyrem people all this and they said it’s not keeping me asleep because of seroquel rebound insomnia and they suggested me trying a higher dose but reading this and thinking on my experience I don’t know if it’s worth it.

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Maybe I should’ve just stayed on seroquel. I had no issues with seroquel. I only wanted to go on xyrem because of my doctors saying how lifechanging and amazing it would be and that it’s the top treatment for narcolepsy.

Seroquel has horrific rebound insomnia though worse than any other sleep med I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot. Though I suppose most them didn’t work. Every attempt I made to quit it failed.

I wish I didn’t need sleep meds at all. But I have to be on a sleep med until my psychosis is stable to do my best to prevent continuous trauma from my symptoms. But I can’t find an antipsychotic that works for me. This is horribly frustrating. Plus when I try to quit sleep meds I can’t just go weeks on end with crap sleep because it sets off my psychosis very badly and I am literally tortured.

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The same they said about Xanax, take once in a while no problem. Just take constantly for a year, then youre ■■■■■■.

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I have increased my Seroquel from 50mg to 100mg at night, I am sleeping much better now and no longer have crazy dreams.

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@YoungSchizo about Xyrem.

Its medicine for necrolapsy(spelling)…!!!

Whats up dude…!!


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