I finally thought about what i want to do

haha. I guess that is an accomplishment in itself. growing up I never thought of what I should do for a living. but over the past 5 years I’ve thought about it quite a bit.

here’s what I came up with so far:

turfgrass management- like being a superintendent on a golf course or park, maybe even work the grounds for a university. if I was 18 again I would probably go this route and get a turfgrass degree, but from my experience on golf courses, I think its a youthful job with some physical labor and operation of heavy equipment to start out with. the idea would be to pay your dues when you’re younger and be promoted to a supervisory role later, hopefully by 40. maybe in my next life I will do this, but not now

viticulture & enology- which is basically growing grapes and making wine. back when i was an unapologetic alcoholic, this career appealed to me, but no longer seems appropriate for me.

horticulture- I always like going to garden centers and greenhouses in the spring, so I thought maybe I could get a horticulture degree and manage a greenhouse or something. but after a couple years of gardening I no longer think this is something for me. I will still tend a vegetable garden, but just as an amateur.

librarian- this is the one im considering now, I would have to put in some effort to update my tech skills, but I think this job would be chill, I don’t think I would work at a library in a busy city though, but maybe a little small town like where I live now would be perfect.

business- this is probably the most practical, I have a couple businesses I would like to start, but honestly don’t know much about business. the college I went to originally had a good business school and my mom wanted me to study business, but I stopped going to my classes and dropped out.

luthier- or layman’s terms a stringed instrument maker, I would make guitars and mandolins personally. I don’t foresee much profit in this, but maybe it’s something I can do as a hobby for a few thousand dollar$ a year. also with a steady hand I could do this job in my 70’s if I live that long

that’s pretty much it. I also considered being a wastewater operator, which is something you can study at community college in certain locations. It pays decent and allows you to travel all over the world. I don’t think I will do this though, probably too mechanical for me, with the pumps and all.

so I guess compared to juvenile me I have accomplished something. now I just need to put one of these options into action or maybe more.

maybe it’s not too late.


Goodluck hope you find something nice to do that makes good money


All I ever wanted to do, I’ve done, as far as jobs go. I’ve been a restaurant worker, a waitress, a maid, a beautician, a nurses aide, an R.N., a saleslady, a composer, and a landlord. Next, I want to be a performer. That’s next on the agenda. And that’s very within reach.


That sounds cool


I hope you get some opportunities for your interests. Having thought it through like you have will probably help you find a job you like. You have some great ideas.
I work in data entry. I took the only job I was offered 14 years ago and I have stayed at it. I had searched for 2 years to get this job. I make enough money to be comfortable and even save for retirement. It is not boring and is somewhat advanced. It takes one or two months of training to learn how to do it.


Over a lifetime, perhaps you can manage to do all these things. 5 years here, 5 years there. Definitely not all at once.

Make a plan! Consider the “Lifebook” approach, I’ve heard good things about it. Helps you live your best life!

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