What kind of job do you want?

What kind of job do you want …?


I had jobs, not really interested in them anymore


Me too job sucks

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I am going to learn to be a dog groomer. I start training in may. Then after 3 months of working I will be qualified and I will set up my own buisness at home in the garage.


If I were OK around others I’d go to DIY electronics clubs and learn how to make input devices. My dream is to make a “keyboardless keyboard” kind of like the Gest but better, and to market it well.

If I were 10 years younger and knew what I know now, I’d go to med school to become a psychiatrist, because this Lion’s mane stuff is too good at reducing positive symptoms to keep under wraps. It needs a serious medical expert pushing it.

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i think I want to be a know it all at the local garden supply store.

I used to think I wanted to be a superintendent at a golf course, but I lack the mechanical skill and getting started you have to pay your dues doing more physical jobs that include digging and pulling weeds and stuff, also fixing irrigation pipes. im looking into getting a horticulture degree then getting a job. I like to spend my time outside and have my winters off.


You can do it :sunglasses:


My job is raising my kids. The best job ever.

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Something where the boss gives me instructions for the day and then leaves me the heck alone.

House husband, I’ll keep the home clean and in working order, do dishes and laundry when I have good days. It gives me the opportunity to lay low and rest when symptoms pick up, but also gives me a sense of purpose.

A simple one where I could smile at people

Contract lawyer for an government agency

If I had to have a job, I would want to work in sales. But, I think that would probably be too stressful for me.

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Dream Job Environmental Sciences Doing Conservation Work etc

Something very easy to do. I found out I’m very picky with jobs, otherwise I just give up on them on the second day

Locksmithing is interesting to me. I’m not gonna buy one of those DIY learning kits. I’d rather pay a working locksmith to show me the ropes but that idea is still a long way off. :smiley:

Government job. Federal one. I have one I am supposedly to start soon but it’s temporary for the 2020 census. Trying to find a permanent one.

A job as a caregiver or a social worker.

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