I feel so sorry about the spread of coronavirus as if

I feel so sorry about the spread of coronavirus as if I had created this virus. The thing is even the scientists in laboratories don’t know where this virus came from.

But ridiculous people do ridiculous things. President Trump accused China of the spread of Covid19 and called it the Wuhan virus. Meanwhile In China there are rumours saying the virus comes from the laboratory of the US and was sent to Wuhan during the world soldiers sports meeting in December of 2019.

I hope there will be a day when the scientists finally figured out the origin of Covid19.

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Please don’t feel responsible.

In my opinion it’s just a virus in nature that decided to mutate.

Sometimes bad things just happen.

Take care, @green5.


it obviously came from a woman :wink:

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I thought it was animal to human transmission in Chinese wet markets.

Some of these, to my knowledge, are places where animals are kept in crowded, unsanitary conditions, and animals that are not normally cooked and eaten are in fact cooked and eaten.

If you eat an undercooked bat, you should expect to get sick. What’s wrong with lamb, pork, chicken and beef? Why cook and eat all that other stuff?

I could be wrong, maybe most markets just sell normal stuff and keep it clean. I’m not so sure though, I’ve seen some rough viral footage.


I think every virus comes from the US. Just like HIV and the monkeys and the rest.

How? You mean it was made in labs on purpose?
That’s hard to believe. Ebola started in Africa, not the US. Also HIV existed before the US even existed. STDs date back to before Jesus’s time.

That is exactly the point I’m trying to make, see nowadays the US is everywhere around the world. what is to say they didn’t do it.

I’ve already said those rumours in China were just the ridiculous things said by some ridiculous Chinese people. When Trump said ridiculous words about Covid 19 some ridiculous Chinese people said something similar to what Trump had said.


I don’t believe Trump or the U.S. is lying about this. Cleary there’s a problem in China that needs to be addressed .


I don’t want to argue with you regarding this issue of eating wild animals in South China. The leading scientist in epidemics studies, Nanshan Zhong, had concluded about the issue of eating wild animals. He said there was no evidence that this virus came from the wild animal markets in Wuhan.

I hate those people who eat wild animals. However I don’t believe Zhong had lied. Between Dr. Zhong Nanshan and Trump, I prefer the Chinese scientist.

Are you staying safe and healthy @green5?

Do a lot of people in your province/city have the virus?

Take care.

Thanks a lot for asking. It’s so kind of you. The situation in my province has been mild as only 641 people tested positive to this virus and 631 patients have been healed with zero death.


Oh you welcome. :blush:

Stay safe and healthy over there.

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China is a communist government and he like you said is a Chinese scientist.

Can you differentiate Chinese governments from its people? @jassy22

I think a really mean Fortune Cookie would read…

“The cook has Covid 19 and just sneezed on your egg rolls”


I’m gonna withdraw from saying anything else because I see what’s going on here and I don’t wanna argue.

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Can you confirm this? I specifically remember him in a press interview saying how it was not China’s fault and it is just one of those things that happen.

I’ve been keeping up to date each morning regarding the spread of Covid-19. US has now over taken everyone in terms of the sheer number of those infected. Italy remains the highest in terms of people who’ve died from the illness. I feel sorry for anyone who becomes infected, but i feel especially for the Italians. I wonder why it has hit them so hard and not other places. Anyway, glad to know you’re safe @green5.

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