I feel so hurt - rejected by pdoc

I feel so terribly hurt. I messaged my pdoc again as usual, asking him two questions and instead of getting answers he said I mustn’t whatsapp him anymore unless it’s emergency. Just out of the blue like that. So I had to face horrible fact that I have been a burden to him and to everyone. My husband seemed to take his side and gave me some tough talking about my anger and other problems. I feel so ashamed and evil. I hate my guts. I wish I could be a good person a better person :sob::sob::sob:

If it weren’t for you guys I’d have nobody to talk to about my sza.

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Here we can’t even contact psychiatrists directly.
Its the receptionist who passes the message to the paychiatrist and its the receptionist who will call us back to inform us of the decision.

Hey there! When I had a psychologist I could what´s up him everytime I needed… It was very helpful.

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Psychiatrists have a huge workload. It’s not that you’re a burden. It’s that it’s not fair for him to give time outside of appointments to only certain people and not to others. And he doesn’t have time to talk to everyone outside appointments. No need to feel burdensome. Just try to understand his workload.


I understand how you felt at the moment. My psychiatrists never leave me mobile numbers or skype names. So it’s normal that your Pdoc rejected you. Hope you feel better soon.


Stay positive…

That’s so unprofessional. I have the number of my psychiatrist and I call him whenever I want

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I don’t have a direct line of communication to my pdoc (I am in England)

Their time is so precious. We have to run things past our case managers, and they decide on whether to contact the pdoc.

My psychiatrist left me her cell phone number and I’ll sometimes call or text her when I really need her but I never abuse the situation.

Wow! Never heard of something like that before.

Well for me we don’t have contact with our psychiatrist at all apart from the session.
I know wat u mean. I wish I wasn’t ill I’d feel less of a weight to ppl. You are a good person though. Don’t get that mixed up


I have an appointment once every two or three months, for about 5-10 minutes on the phone with my pdoc. I try not to bother him with anything unless it’s really important. Don’t feel bad that’s just standard for most people. Can you do tele-health? You can set up an appointment for him to call you if it is something important.

I can relate though. I love to talk to people and when I have an idea it’s easier to externalize it than internalize my thoughts. Some things we just can’t control. some things we can work to improve.

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