I feel miserable

So… the point is most of my past friends are doing way better than me. I know my illness made my life worse, but still.

I am jealous. Most of them have amazing careers, are building their futures,

My illness made me more mediocre than I was.

I was a good student at school, now in college I am one of the most average. student. ever :confused:

I know it’s pessimistic what I wrote here… I just always wanted to have a good career, and this illness is a problem now to reach for the stars.

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You can still do what you love, or is that not possible, @heyguys123?

Don’t feel jealous, there’s only one you, and you are the best you there’ll ever be.


I can ! Thanks for positivity :two_hearts:

Yup I also believe we all are very unique

Just simply I noticed things are way harder for me than it was before

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It’s hard when you see others doing better. It can feel like everyone is moving on ahead without you.

Please try not to lose hope though, progress is hard!! Going to college and passing your classes is a great step. Being an average student is fine a lot of people can’t even do that

You just gotta keep going and you’ll get to where you want to be


Same here. Two of my past study buddies are doctors today. I’m just wasting away.

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I think this might help a bit :sun_with_face:


My one of past friends is IT specialist, while other is creating theatre performances… while I study English, and even could not become a translator because of my not high enough En level


This is amazing quote,


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Thanks thanks thanks,

Today these words are very helpful for me. :slight_smile:

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I can relate to this. I want to do something with the German language but it’s not good enough atm. And it’s hard to study German when I can’t focus. I’m still gonna try thou. :crazy_face::thinking: It might not work out but I’m gonna try as if it will. :smiling_face:

No other choice there but to try our best really.

Good luck with whatever career you decide to choose.

I’m sure you’ll be great at it.

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But it’s pretty good English and you are only 22.

Youve got time on your side. :hugs:

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I heard a quote from Mike Tyson where he said

“I used to want to be a great man, but now I realize I’d rather be a good man than a great man.”

I think maybe sickness can sometimes keep us from persuing a career but difficulty makes us grow as people. Maybe it’s all for the better :slight_smile:


I think your inner beauty is more important than your success in a career. I would focus on finding a way to support yourself that I’d good enough for your mental health, md then focus the rest of your energy on being the best person you can be. That’s way more important


I hope you will achieve the biggest success!!! :slight_smile: We probably need to be more gentle with ourselves…

I believe the best days are waiting. :slight_smile:

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Thaaanks!! I hope I will progress :hugs:

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Yes inner beauty is what matters-

But still, this success in life can make us a bit jealous :frowning: mostly when we know that things could be different

I will also try to believe that it will be better that way :slight_smile:

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Amazing advice,

Thanks! Yup overall focusing on mental health is what matters the most,

Then comes other things

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I understand. I have no children or career or university degree or pets or nice houses or much of anything/anyone in my life. Everyone my age has these nice things.

I started getting sick with SZ in my first/second year at university. (My mental health crap started in junior high though) And now all I have is hospital debt. I am bombarded by other people’s success by society’s standards. I wish I could say I wasn’t bitter. But I am.

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A lot of the people I went to school with are now doctors, lawyers, and professors as we were all in a program for gifted kids. My main accomplishment is that I am now less crazy than I used to be. I’m also no longer gifted, the SZ took care of that, too. My life has been okay and I have developed an attitude of gratitude for my moderately successful, but not gifted life.