I feel lonely. Anyone want a chat?

Hi. I need to talk. Anyone want chat?

What you wanna chat about?

About my life. I’m 36 next month and wasted years on mental health.

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How are you? Fggdg

I’m bored lying on the bed doing nothing waiting for bedtime.

Yeah I’m bored lying on bed dwelling over life.

I’m 61 so 36 is pretty young.

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I’ve waited nearly a decade on mental health though. I haven’t achieved much with my life.

Neither have I. I’ve been hallucinating some so I just got my Abilify upped to 10mg from 5mg.

I hope the change of meds works for you.

I do too. Since Covid19 I pretty much been at home.

So have I. Dfgrghd

My old car went to the salvage yard May 8th. Having to live without a car.

Oh no sorry to hear it.

Well, I’m finding out it is possible to live without a car.

Cool. Ffgfghggh

I didn’t think it was.

Well, gotta go. My sister is texting me.

Ok ffgbfgbngbghhf

I’ll talk to you. You still have a long future ahead of you. You could do anything you want with your future. So what are you going to do?