I feel like something is going something bad is going to happen

i feel something bad is going to happen to me, is this normal. Is this just delusion in my head.

Depends how strong the feeling is… I guess it is pretty normal especially in these times to have a sense of doom hanging over you.

its pretty strong, i dont like the feeling. Im taking meds for it. seems like there not working. Do you get these feelings too sometimes. Do they go away and how i cope with them.

It is not normal, it can be a symptom in many mental disorders.

thanks for the reply, do you have any suggestion how to cope with it.

Sorry to hear, i dont have them in a degree that i have to take medicine (i have to take medicine for depression, negative symptoms ).

Try to tell your self that it’s just your mind playing games with you, or try to be absorbed by something else. Or you can try the mindful method - just let the feelings and thoughts stay in your mind, without reacting to their impulses… It worked for my anxiety.

thank you so much for advice, having these feelings destroys my day.


maybe just recognize that its only a feeling even though its uncomfortable. it doesnt mean anything bad is going to happen.

Technically something bad could happen every second, but theres no way to predict it.

so just let the thought/feeling that bad things are gonna happen pass by like the wind.

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thanks. Ill try


If you feel fearful about the future try to remember that you directly create your reality through the choices you make now and today. People commonly think that the future is what is beyond the present moment, but really we’re living in the future right now.

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okay i understand. I just dont want anything bad to happen to me in the future.

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I have catastrophic thinking almost every day, which is why I rarely leave the house. Not sure what to tell you – I struggle mightily with feeling like something bad is gonna happen.

That sucks, i hope you feel better. I know it sucks.

“okay i understand. I just dont want anything bad to happen to me in the future.”

Sure, that’s totally understandable but you’ve got to realize that you (or anybody else) can’t control the future, you can only try to make good decisions in the present moment.
There are always going to be bad things that come along which we can’t control, but we CAN control how we deal with those things.
The serenity prayer from AA is actually quite helpful in this situation. They say “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.” :^)

okay thanks alot

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