I feel like a vampire

I kind of feel like a vampire on my meds.

I dont have many emotions to play with as my meds make me feel like a vanilla face.

Im half way to becoming a vampire


This must be tough, instead of letting things that are wrong affect you, have you tried live with what you got, think about this. Maybe this is as good as it gets. Would you rather spend your time letting things affect you or try to find peace in what you have. And I bet you have a lot going on in your life

You mean like a zombie? Living dead?

there is no such thing, vampire stories were widespread in ancient history, tales of people who live forever by drinking blood, they are among some of the oldest stories on earth ever told. the only thing immortal about them is how long the stories have lasted.

I feel kind of numb too at times. I can’t cry, find very little pleasure in things…but I do get agitated at times. Sometimes I feel unreal. Almost as if I’m not in the real world. That everything around me is fake, a simulation or hologram and I’ve been inserted in it and am being studied to see how I respond to different situations.

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