I thought my pdoc was Santa

in street clothes. Still waking up to that one.


Thats a good one haha. Ive also had some wild delusions in my day of that ilk.

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I met a teenager who said money grows on trees.


Doesn’t it?

Nope, it doesn’t.

Hahahhaha. That teen… man. Whatever. Good job.

I thought i was some kind of vampiric humanoid creature. I beleived that some particular cafes and juice shops were putting blood in my drinks for me. And i thought that the antipsychotic depot injection i was getting was secretly a treatment to help me go without the need for blood and to be able to withstand sunlight and stuff.

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Man, you had it bad. Did it help deal with some of your anger?

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Im rarely angry. I complain on here a lot about being numb and anhedonic. Anger is another emotion that almost never surfaces for me.

But, as a vampire, you were out for blood.

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Yeah but i think the delusion moreso arose from this feeling ive had for a long time of alienation rather than anger. And feeling different from others. Almost inhuman. Which manifested itself as ideas of literally not being human when psychotic. Who knows though.