I feel catatonic

If i was stuporous i wouldn’t be able to write this but today i progressed into not thinking as much, my mind is quieter…
I often feel disconnected from my actions, like the way i walked stiffly or sometimes stereotypically, over time since i got ill i became repetative in some sense.
Now i’m having derealization on this cold summer day.
I just feel different now, i can’t put my finger on it, but not dissociation, that used to be normal.
I don’t know if i should call my psychiatrist.

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Sometimes I get episodes like this when the shutters come down and I freeze or move very slowly. Lasts for an hour or so.

I used to get derealization. It’s horrible. I would feel lost and disconnected from my surroundings.

It might be a good idea to reach out to your psychiatrist if you are feeling that unwell just to be assessed. There might be something they can do to help.

The walls feel like they’re moving, everything feels weird

I have catatonia when unmedicated. I freeze for up to 30 min, my parents hit me and yell at me but I don’t react, no talk and no movement. Even my eyes are frozen, fixed gaze for up to 30 min.
It happened many times in a day everyday.

I not have full blown catatonia like unable to move but partial like my movements are stiff, blank mind, very hard to think, very hard to shift activity, feel like stuck in one activity, thought etc, repetitive actions etc.

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