I fear I am not interesting

My attempts to get attention led to some strange and hurtful behaviors. What do you do for attention? I am fresh out of ideas.


I don’t like attention. I avoid it

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Really? How do you stay focused?

There’s a book called how to win friends and influence people. It’s a bestseller. Not sure if you like reading.

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Yes. Carnegie was a wealthy philanthropist. Our town library was named after him as he funded it.


I read a lot of your posts @chordy.

Sometimes I think about it.
You post interesting things
I don’t reply always.
I think what’s important is using this site to help you in anyway.

Posting and putting my thoughts here and reading others help me.

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I once heard Warren Buffet say he would pay a 50% salary increase to people who have followed a Dale Carnegie course.

I’ve read the book many years ago, but don’t remember much. Just things like asking questions ‘what do you spend your time on?’

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Its simple, you are interesting,
to be more than current,
read most of the posts with out losing balance,
first few days would be hard.
Then you would snyc in the flow of minds.

Example: when i read couple of topics, i do get related thoughts of most the topic, then when you reply you will get the sync.

Just my understanding as all of them are unique, so if i miss for couple of day, i would go out of sync.

Am i correct @discobot

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Lol @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: It is certain

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You forgot to put “fortune” after discobot.
@discobot fortune
Am I correct?

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Nevermind, I see that you figured that out.

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Since you are here any suggestion?

What’s the question? Suggestion for what?

How to be more interesting ?

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Hmm. Idk. Do interesting things that you can discuss with people? Take up interesting hobbies? IDK, that’s a tough question.

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You could get a lot of negative attention by robbing a convenience store. A lot of the people who get positive attention are not worthy of it. Witness Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Baker. A lot of the people who get a lot of positive attention view it as a mixed blessing. People can have the most ridiculous expectations.

Oh your definitely interesting. You have interesting topics