How are you with paying attention?


Not sure how much of a forum-related issue this is, but curious to see how others fair at this. I have a horrible time trying to pay attention to things. I feel bad because we had a review session for our final in recitation and I just couldn’t pay attention at all, I was too caught up in doing stuff related to my inner world and whenever I managed to pull myself out I had no idea what was going on so I’d just retreat again. It really hurt my grades in high school. My head floats all over the place like a balloon.

Also if anyone has tips for staying focused that would be very helpful.


yes I and I panick in social sitautions if we have to do a task that involved planning and focus. my anxiety make it impossible to do things if someones watching me to.
I think getting plenty of sleep taking omega 3 fish oils and just do your best tc


I have a lot of trouble focusing. I often miss important things. I always scored well on the standardized tests, but I have a hard time learning a lot of simple things. I live in a dreamworld.


" sorry , you were saying something ! "…lol
take care :alien:


Yeah i can pay attention. But there’s times where all I see is mouth movement and hearing words. But I don’t have any idea what is being said.


Not very good,would rather laze around,at least don’t heap pressure…


Depends on whether it’s for a relatively short or long time. If the latter I can tend to zone out after a while.


Don’t eat too much. I used to get VERY sleepy after I ate.


Dang yeah eating a big meal is equivalent to taking sleeping pills for me. I mean I’m always tired anyways but after eating a lot I’m knocked out for like a solid hour after. It’s kinda annoying.


I am too poor to be able to afford paying attention. :wink:


Haha I like that. Probably gonna steal it sometime.


I have trouble paying attention. I tend to drift off and start thinking about something else while someone is talking to me, only to snap back to reality when they finish. I had to go to a special school with smaller class sizes and fewer distractions. I couldn’t do college because I just couldn’t stay focused. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 6, but the medications did horrible things to me so I had to stop them. Biofeedback training helped, but only to a certain degree. If I try to force myself to pay attention, I tend to get fixated on a certain phrase and repeat it in my head, missing the rest of what’s being said. I’ve been told I likely have some form of OCD, which makes sense.


In addition to antipsychotics, I take methylphenidate extended release to focus. Other than that, I would definitely recommend practicing over time by increasing focus time slowly from seconds to minutes to hours.


Huh, I never thought about training my attention span. That’s an interesting idea, thanks for that.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


I can’t…I’m broke :confused:


I have been able to experiment with my attention abilities and improve them by listening to audio-books. At least I think I have.


Admittedly, my attention span sucks. This was proven by an array of neuropsych testing that has been done on me. Sometimes I think I’d make for a good case study.


I got sent to the principal’s office one time because the teacher was yelling at me but my head wasn’t in front of her but in the clouds.
The last thing I hear her sqwaking at me was “What did I just tell you?” to which I replied truthfully “I don’t know, weren’t you listening either?”