I exercised 4.5 hours today

I rode my bicycle a lot and then walked in different places. I went also to the graveyard and visited my father’s and other persons’ graves. The weather has been excellent, the sun has been shining and it has been warm, over 10 C. I really enjoy riding my bicycle. Tomorrow will be another day for more exercising.


I used to love riding bike. I lost stamina and live in a very car dense area now so i dont ride nearly as much.

We have excellent bicycle paths, cycling is also helping me to socialize with other people when I see people whom I know. I do not really need a car.

LS! I aim for three hours daily exercise. You are doing great MJSEU!

Wow!! I used to walk 1.5 hours every other day. Now, I can’t do one set of burpees. LOL,I’ll try again tomorrow!

Today I exercised another four hours, I rode my bicycle and walked. In this weekend I rode 44 kilometers. My goal was 50 km, but I did just 44 km. It is really sunny and a nice spring day.

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4.5 WOW. Thats overkill for me. good job :grinning:

Well done. You are really living. I am glued to the internet. I do it as long I enjoy it. The city planners turned our park around. It got a free outdoor gym, skaterpark, playground,basketball court and such. I feel so bad not using it. Someday. I lived close to a lake and I used it for jogging, but that was more than years ago.

I like to ride my bicycle after the long winter. There are also health benefits. When I am riding and the sun is shining, I get vitamin D which is beneficial in countering depression. Cycling is good for mind too and it helps me also to socialize with other people whom I may know when I see them in the town.

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