I enquired about another gym membership

I almost fell of my friggin chair. £115 per month plus £60 joining fees.

I currently pay £14. Granted it’s not as luxery but Huh :flushed::sweat:


That’s 153 USD.a month.

I pay 18.63 USD per month :flushed:

Sounds like a rip off Ish !!


theres a gym in a local community centre which charges 2 to 4 euro for each gym session…it is cheap but it is located in a bad neighbourhood and thus cheapp for locals

i personally dont go but i do wash my dads car once a week…thats a good work out!!


2- 4 euros pretty good. My gym is about £5.99 per visit… But I’ve had 8 visits this month. So I figured paying £13.99 a month was worth it.

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That’s too much. There’s a gym by me that’s $10/month

That’s really good. Can’t get any cheaper than mine in my area. And I got a discount… otherwise it’s £16.99

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I can also get free gym membership through my Medicare advantage plan. Does your country have disability plans that cover a gym membership?

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Yes I’m sure the leisure centre gyms do. Like swimming in certain boroughs is free. I once got a discount due to disability at £20. But figured the non local government gym was cheaper.

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