I enjoy doing nothing

If I’m not playing online games, im laying down with background music doing nothing or simply reflecting on my life experiences. Not depressed or unhappy, im actually quite content. maybe you can call it meditation


I really like browsing the Internet with music in the background. It helps me recharge myself.

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Good for you that you can relax and “just be”.

Some people that are schizos or similar or some other may need n do well on lots of “lone time” n space in the home.
Maybe you relax with friends n family also.

I dont listen to music often. Only in car radio mainly as my cd player doesnt work n havnt recharged spotify.

Theres a few beings I could be romantically compatable with.

Ive never really played online games but used to know some guys who were in to Donkey kong I think it was called.
Know of others who play world of war craft.

It may not be good when children play so much computer games and never get outside.
It might not be good for their health.

My neighbours children play so beautifully it seems to me.
They play out doors every day its not raining i think.
They have scate board ramp in their garden that was build n made for em.
They have trampoline n probably imagination n play games etc.

Its nice to hear them laughing and they seem to laugh a lot.

I knew some friends once who played roll play ut not on computer or tv but with cards and paper.
They never let me play for some reason.
They made up all these reasons why not.
One was it would be to difficult to explain it to me.
They might of thought me be a bit retarded n slow .

Do you play roll play games or action or what do you play?

I hear it can be addictive.

doing nothing is a necessity for my life, I get so drained and exhausted when I do too much stuff.
go out for a few hours one day? gotta catch up with all that, by laying in bed all day for the next day or few.

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Sounds outright cool and relaxing.

Sometimes I do the same, laying on the bed and thinking about my life with music in the background but mostly I spend my time on the internet.

I browse the internet as well. Constantly reading or researching one topic or another. It keeps my mind busy by not allowing it to succumb to the evils of idleness. I always need something to do or to keep myself busy with. I either sink or swim because my idle hands can bring me so much pain and torment. Bordom begets sorrow, sorrow begets pain, pain is suffering, suffering is life.

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