I drank, now I don't know what to do. Need advice

I only had half of a Smirnoff ice wine cooler two hours ago, but it feels like it really hit me. I’m supposed to take 175mg of clozapine tonight, should I take it since it was a small amount of alcohol? I know if I skip it’ll mess up my blood work, won’t it?

I’m on my fourth cup of jack and coke. I skipped my meds for tonight. I’d probably skip if I was you.

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Okay, I promised myself I wasn’t going to drink anymore, but it was too tempting tonight. Do you take clozapine?

No I don’t…

Ok, I still need to know if skipping will mess up my weekly blood work, because if it will, I’ll just take the meds in a few hrs

I have no clue. I’m hoping somebody is on to answer your question.

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I dont think there’s a problem with it, you’ll probably be so sedated that you’ll crash right away.

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I dont say this to be offensive, but I’ve noticed a few threads from you about taking your meds after drinking trace amounts of alcohol or caffeine. That’s completely fine by the way! I’m not saying that to put you down.

It just seems like you are probably feeling the effects from the anxiety you get from worrying about your meds after drinking caffeine or alcohol rather than the drug effects themselves.

Smirnoff ice is 5.6 alcohol percentage and if you only drank half of one you SHOULD be fine to take your medicine.

I’m not a doctor though, but you could call an emergency department at a hospital and talk to them about your worries.

If you dont feel comfortable doing that then just pass on your meds for the night.

You have a very trace amount of alcohol in your system, so I’m just being overly cautious when I suggest you wait a few hours to take your meds if it puts your mind at ease.


Thanks for the advice. I do have a lot of anxiety after my psychiatrist took me off of my benzo. I even get anxious when I draw a picture. The first 5 hours of the night I wake up every hour then sleep an additional 10+ hours afterwords. It’s so hard not taking Klonopin after being on it five years. Thanks for easing my worries

I’m sure it’s incredibly hard. I’m sorry you’re struggling. If you’re having bad anxiety try splashing cold water on your face for a little while. It will help to lower your heart rate, which in turn will help lower your anxiety.

I just learned that trick in dbt therapy this week, and it works!

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