I don't want music telling me how to feel

Maybe it’s just because I’m in a very good mood today, but I don’t like the idea of music manipulating my feelings.

I don’t mind. The goal of most music is to make you feel good. I’m all for it.

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I’m saying what if you feel good without it? It’s kind of like voyeurism or watching children. It’s not me but it’s ok? I forgot that it’s not me.

mjseu just turned me onto romanian house music very happy stuff!

I used to feel that way about books. Will we become dependent on the book’s voice and not be able to think on our own?

Fear is a big part of this illness. Fear to think about the wrong things. Fear of loosing a good mood.

I am just asking the questions, I do not have the answers


Music has changed completely for me in the last few years, I found new love in Cumbia.

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Music is probably the best art. The music cant manipulate you-because you can always find a song that fits your mood. Its always out there to serve you. Sometimes I need a good cry, but im so blocked it wont come. I can find a piece of music to bring it out.

I think “no choice” music can manipulate.

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