Don't let music manipulate you when it doesn't have to

As beautiful as it seems, it’s just others projecting. All art is projection


Yeah, but I like the Beatles. I LIKE their projection. I wish they would have stayed together another 10 or 20 years.


“Don’t let music manipulate you when it doesn’t have to”

easier said than done. if I arrive at Keyfood and realize that I forgot my headphones, I walk all the way back home for them

I was just thinking about this the other day; the idea that music can be very influencing or people can view it as just music and not allow it to change their judgement or behavior. I love music. All types. Sometimes the message can be off putting but then I remember, it is just music not a dictator of my thoughts, opinions and behavior. It is just entertainment.

Lyrics manipulate my emotions. So, I don’t listen to them. I only listen to classical instrumental music.

I’ve been having issues with lyrics. If they seem too enthusiastic talking about bad stuff I have to hear something else. I don’t think it will change me, but it gets the demons excited thinking about the bad stuff the music influences in the world.

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You mean like how young people are in an unquestioning sleep type state and just absorb it like chanting.

And then they deliberately make the growing artist present other things later and everyone just follows by the millions without knowing it because they are all seperated?

Have to wait it out, we were asleep at first, couldn’t do anything about it.

I’ve tried, you can’t, they’ll just hit you if you try.