I don't recognise myself in the mirror

Lately I’ve stopped recognising myself in the mirror.
I think to myself, who is this person staring back at me? I’ve never seen those features before?

Why is that?

Am I becoming delusional? Is it a hallucination? I know it’s my face, but it doesn’t feel like it’s my face.

Does it make sense?

I have had less sleep than normal this week, but I’m otherwise fine.

Does anyone else have this?

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It’s depersonalisation. Not a delusion at all. I had this for a long time. It’s typically a response to anxiety

Yeah, I have similar problems every now and then. I don’t recognize myself. Sometimes it’s fun trying to put a face to the name though. And sometimes I like what I see and this may sound conceited but I like looking myself in the eye and acknowledging all the good things I’ve done and the times I’ve won. I may play dumb too much or wear a mask or play games so at least when I recognize my positive attributes it makes me like myself more on a different, good level.

I used to fear myself when unmedicated. I look at myself in the mirror and get scared.

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When Alien spoke to me or tried to take over my mind or I was severely depressed, I was too scared to look in the mirror because then I’d see Alien’s monster face. Still is like that. When I’m ok then it’s fine because I see me not Alien

Michael Jackson~ ‘Man in The Mirror’. (Song/Video). (1# King of Pop #1). :slight_smile:

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