I don't like to spend money

I save now that im no longer taking trips. road trips were the only thing I spent money on. now I pay rent, pay for groceries, buy an occasional hat to cover my bald head and that’s it. I save the rest. im not going to have as much savings now that my rent is going up. it’s a rent to own deal, so i’ll have some additional things to spend on. furniture, landscaping, gardening and what not.

anyways I got in a bind because I saved too much to qualify for Medicaid so I spent a bunch today. I ordered a laptop, got a acoustic/electric guitar, a digital camera and I bought a couple suits from men’s warehouse. that’s it. I blew my wad in a day, now I qualify for Medicaid.


Were you already on Medicaid or are you applying for it?

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Hope you have fun with your new toys. :rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:

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I’ve been on it for 2 years now. I saved like 3 or 4k last year and had too much to stay on it. they check your bank accounts. “penny checks” is what the lady called it.

Yeah, I was going to give you a heads up on that

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