Do you enjoy spending money?

i think a lot of people like to spend. in the past i had too much money for medicaid and spent a few thousand on all kinds of things. it was enjoyable. i like to spend money but save most of the time, which is how i ended up with too much money for medicaid in the first place. so now i spend a bit more.

it reminds me of a college friend of mine, who would go to the bar and spend a couple hundred a week. buying drinks for people and socializing. and i think he kind of recharged himself with the little thrill of spending money.

Everyone likes to spend money but carefully.

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i think in the future most of my spending will be home improvements, and investments, i don’t like a lot of stuff in the house to clutter things up. i will also spend more money on stylish clothes and healthy food, and if i have any left over i will take a short trip or vacation.

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With the UK benefits you can’t have more than a certain amount of savings. It is the best feeling when you have to spend money because otherwise you lose your benefits.


I would spend money left right and center if I had it.

I’d be the guy with no savings but a bunch of assets that generate cashflow. Like a credit-based “empire” or whatever (that sounds really grandiose, but I don’t know what else to call it.)

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i’ve always been a saver. kinda. i would work and save then have delayed spending where i would quit and take a vacation, and enjoy my time away from work. my savings would slowly dwindle paying bills and living expenses. and then i would have to go back to work. and the vicious cycle would start all over again. i lived my whole 20’s like this.

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