Bad day feeling trapped

Ever had a family member call you “paranoid”, “violent”, or else “bad” when you simply had a normal human reaction to something? My Dad uses my illness against me as a weapon. Anything I may have against him he writes up as my illness. It’s how he gets away with lying and stealing things from my room. He uses Bible quotes taken out of context to try and prove to me that I’m evil. My Dad has always been emotionally needy, self absorbed, and sadistic all while calling himself a Christian. His words made me feel awful and depressed. All my Mom ever does when I seem even just a little depressed is tell me I should go to the hospital.

I feel like I can’t trust anything I say because my father tells me I’m trapped in fantasy. Which is true, I admit but only to an extent! Some real ■■■■ has happened to me and my thoughts about those things are NOT fantastical. But he uses my illness as a weapon. He pathologizes me. Oh God help me!!! :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:

I went to the ER but they sent me away.

I’d never kill myself but I’m being tormented! I wish an angel would lift me up and take me away to a better place.


Hugs, friend. I can never talk to my mom about the bad things she’s done to me. She always blames it on my illness, too. It hurts, but it’s the way she is. It’s easier for me now that I don’t live with her.


My dad uses my mental illness against me at times.
I know how you feel @Nomad.

Hang in there.


@Nomad just the other day, my step mom said something like this…

Your brothers are addicts and don’t have MI. Why do you think you’re so MI? You had so much promise.

That wasn’t very nice.

Is there any chance of you moving out?

Yes. I am finishing up my disability application. I hope to move out within 7-8 months.

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My parents don’t mention my illness unless I bring it up. If they did bring it up constantly it would really tick me off.

Set up a video camera in some hidden spot in your room, then skim the footage each day to look for someone entering your room and moving or taking your stuff.

As for the stuff about you being evil, remind your dad that Jesus himself said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” So, if he wants to call you evil then he damn well better make sure he is perfectly sinless. Furthermore, provided your dad is taking your stuff and lying about it, remind him that God hates lies. Never does God say “thou shall not be schizophrenic,” however he does say “thou shall not lie.” Your dad is twisting the bible and attempting to gaslight you. Put that dick in his place (but only if it’s safe. I don’t know if your dad would be violent towards you, but please don’t do anything that could get you hurt).

I’m so sorry you’re going through this, at least this is a safe place! You’re supported and appreciated here!

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