I don't know if it's a problem

On 28th-29th I will be going out with a bunch of people of many ages,I hope it would be fun but I don’t know if it would be a problem if I were to have sex with any of the girl.

First of all,I have never had sex,I am 24 as you can see from my nickname,because I am taking antipsychotic and depressant,I feel my erection is a weak one(I don’t know if I overthink this) but what I am sure is I really had premature ejaculation,when I masturbate,I tend to orgasm in less than 2 minute of masturbating…I know when I not on meds I had better erection and I ejaculate only at least 5 minute after trying…

I have talk my pdoc about this but he doesn’t see it as a problem and keep on saying its psychological issue,which I think otherwise

My question is should I talk to my father about this and tell him to bring me to a urology so I can be prescribed viagra or cialis,or should I not be bothered by this matter besides I might not even get sex

I hope I can enjoy the event if I were to go,I hope my mirtazapine and sodium valproate can help me talk more and naturally…thanks for reading and pls comment

If the girl you might get a hold on wants sex without getting to know you I think a condom is more important than viagra. You don’t want to become a dad like that.


A condom might also make you last longer. :wink:

make sure your first time is with someone really special, don’t waste it on any girl.

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Like others have said - don’t worry about talking with your father. Take a condom - if something does happen - but focus on having a good time and trying to make an emotional connection with someone you really like and will hopefully be a longer relationship than just one night.


Thank you guys,@szadmin I think what you say it’s really important,up till now I still had not made any emotional connection with any girl yet,I am still socially a little withdraw but I will remember to be happy if I were to go,thank you guys